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Truck-Mounted Foldable Hydraulic Crane

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    SPECIFICATIONS TMF 2000 configure-this-model
    Capacity (lb.) 2,000
    With Boom Extended (lb.) 1,000
    Boom Length (in) Adj. 52 to 86
    Maximum Lift Height (in) 130
    With Boom Retracted (in) 106
    Overall Height
    Base Upright (in) 66
    Base Inverted (in) 56
    Weight (lb.) 220
    Model Number
    Extra Baseplate TMF-BP-2
    Powered Lifting Cylinder:
    Battery TMF-PBA-2
    110 VAC TMF-PE-2
    Remote Control TMF-EC-1
    Cable Lift * TMF-C-2
    *1 line, 1,000 lb. capacity
    *2 lines, 2,000 lb.capacity

    Maximum Capability! Minimum Floorspace!

    • 2,000 lb. capacity, up to 130 in. lift height.
    • Crane folds up for portability.
      Boom lowers to vertical position enabling crane to be carried by two people; has built-in carrying handles.
    • Boom lift is operated by hydraulic cylinder for smooth easy operation
    • 360° free baseplate rotation.
    • Powered lifting cylinder remote control winch operated cable lift, and remote controls are all available.
      Can be powered either by battery or plug-in 110 volt AC.


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