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V-Master Mobile Hydraulic Floor Cranes

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    Model number: VM-1000 configure-this-model
    Capacity: 1, 000 lb. 2, 000 lb. (1,500 lbs. legs retracted)
    Maximum Lift Height: 8′ 12′
    Reach: 4′ 5′
    Floor-to-Hook Height with Boom Lowered: 32″ 0″
    Overall Mast Height: 60″ 84″
    Boom Length: 54″ 102″
    Overall Width: 44″ (standard wheelbase) 72″
    Overall Length: 57″ 84″ (legs retracted)
    Shipping Weight: 150 lb. 350 lb.
    Width Inside Wheelbase: 34″ (standard wheelbase) 64″
    V-Master with Narrow Legs
    Model number:
    Width inside wheelbase: 24″ (32″ overall)
    V-Master Wide-Leg
    Model number:
    Width inside wheelbase: 48″ (56″ overall)
    V-Master Options
    Manual winch-operated cable lift, 500 pounds single line capacity VM-C1
    8 ft extension boom, 500-700 pounds capacity VM-EB8
    Counterweight for maximum extension boom capacity (350#) VM-CWT
    12V DC battery operated lifting cylinder (battery not included) VM-PB1
    110V AC operated lifting cylinder VM-PE1
    Air motor powered lifting cylinder VM-AP1

    Lightweight! High Capacity!

    • 1,000 lb. lifting capacity, up to 8 ft. lift height
    • Versatile and Economical
      Provides easy lifting in shops, plants, garages, warehouses, construction sites, and many other locations where loads must be lifted, loaded, assembled, or positioned.
    • Quick & easy disassembly for transportation or storage
    • Designed for safety and durability

    V-Master Options

    Wide-Legged Wheelbase

    54 in. wide ideal when wide loads must be straddled; also good for added stability.

    Narrow-Legged Wheelbase

    32 in. wide design for travel in narrow aisles, passageways and through standard doorways.


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