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Roll Upending and Palletizing

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A customer who manufactures rolls of paper was looking for a solution to palletize these rolls when they came off the winding machine. The rolls would hit a j-table that would lower them to the floor. The rolls weigh up to 4,000 lbs and need to be put on a pallet with the eye facing to the sky. The customer didn’t have room or budget to construct a pit and needed a way to roll these on at ground level. The Zero-Low Upender Positioner was the best solution. However, the customer wanted to load it on the retaining plate side because it lays flat on the ground. We devised a solution that would remove the gusset support and design it to be reinforced from underneath the platform. They would then roll onto the platform that would have a slight taper to lead and then nestle the roll to keep it from rolling off the other side. They would then place a pallet behind the rolls and tilt it 90 degrees. Finally, they could remove it with a forklift or pallet jack and take it to packaging and then ship it. This solution improved the efficiency and ergonomics of the operation while maintaining a high level of safety for their operators.

Zero-Low Upenders/Positioners

Zero-Low Upender

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