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Rough-Terrain Lift Table Helps Renewable Energy

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A customer in the wind turbine industry was looking for a way to safety and efficiently perform maintenance on turbine blades in the field. They needed a low-profile, rough-terrain scissors lift so they can transport and position the blades. The huge windmill blades can span up to 200′ length, so they are quite awkward and cumbersome to handle. The lift table is only 8 feet long and is positioned under the middle at the center of gravity to do the positioning. The wheels are 21” diameter pneumatic wheels and it has dual self-contained drive wheels with power steering and a joystick pendant control for remote operation. The blade is removed from the windmill head and placed onto the lift table. Then the lift table is maneuvered to a work area where it places the blade on supports to perform the work.

The self-propelled mobile scissors lift table is an ideal tool for improving the efficiency and rapid turnaround of wind turbine blade maintenance. By combining proven lift table design with the custom features required for the specific application, we are able to provide a simple and cost-effective engineered solution.


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