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Save Overhead Crane Time with ATI Floor Cranes

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The Super-Master Floor Crane as an alternative to an overhead bridge crane. Many manufacturing facilities are built with high capacity overhead bridge cranes installed that help make the facility run efficiently. Often production is hindered by the overhead crane being used to perform light duty tasks that require the use of lift equipment.

A manufacturer of electrical enclosures for the aviation industry has found that utilizing floor cranes for light duty tasks freeing up the overhead crane for large heavy hoisting operations improves efficiency. A floor crane does not require the same amount of personnel as an overhead crane for safe hoisting operations. The Super-Master floor crane is especially useful due to its unique ability to rotate the mast allowing it to pick and place without having to be repositioned. The Super-Master floor crane can be safely and easily used by one technician.

Super-Master Mobile Hydraulic Floor Crane

Super Master Mobile Floor Crane

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