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Straddle Crane for Stacking and Moving Heavy Duty Loads

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A customer in custom manufacturing was looking for a way to transport Power stations in the final stage of production & then loaded on the truck. The finished product was 35′ long and 10′ wide weighing in upwards of 30,000 lbs. The straddle crane was the right solution for this job. The customer was also limited to space & turning radius exiting out of the building. We were able to make all the wheels swivel giving them the ability to make sharp turns when needed. The crane has a four point lifting system making it easy & safe to lift the load.

You can outfit the crane as a self propelled model two wheel or four wheel drive controlled by wireless remote. You also have the ability to equip the unit with a automatic locking spreader bar for container lifting. Tow bar is optional for applications where you can tow with a fork lift. You can also get a cable lift if any additional travel is needed. Lifting forks are also available. This heavy duty crane can be outfitted to handle capacities as high as 100,000 lbs and lift as high as 24′

Here is a link for your convenience for further information on our Tele-Mast Straddle Crane.

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