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Food Industry on the rise using Stainless Zero-Low Lifts

A premier ice cream producer in Holland, Michigan needed a way to work more ergonomically.  The application involved raising up flavoring for their ice cream to pour into their mixers.  They were currently carrying product up a small amount of stairs and manually lifting the product up over the top into their mixing vats. This was not an ideal method from the perspective of ergonomics, safety, nor efficiency!Stainless Steel Zero-Low Lift

Air Technical Industries’ Zero-Low Lift Table allows the flavor to be easily loaded on at ground floor level and lift up 42″ in height. Once at the desired height, the flavor is poured into the vats.  The unit had to be stainless steel with sanitary welds. The 304 stainless steel construction means the lift is not painted, which can flake and chip, and it won’t corrode if sprayed down for cleaning purposes. A NEMA-4 washdown duty power pack was required for easy clean up at the the end of the day and protect from any over spray or spillage of material. Food-grade hydraulic fluid is used to prevent contamination of the food products. An adjustable limit switch is installed to bring the unit up the specific height required for unloading.

This unit will pay for itself in 3 months and also provide their employees a safer and more ergonomic way of making delicious treats for us all to enjoy!

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Hi-Tech Client Moves Hardware

A customer in the computer business was looking for an easy way to move their server farm from floor level to a raised level when expanding operations. These servers and hardware sometimes weigh over 1,000 lbs, so it is not a trivial maneuver, especially in tight spaces.

This is a great application for our Zero-Low Lift Table. The lift is equipped with guard rail package and hinged dock plate. The guard rails allow the workers to travel with the server and the dock plate enabled them to bridge the gap between the lift platform and the off-load surface. The ground level “Zero-Low” deck surface makes it easy to roll the equipment onto the lift without the need for ramps or complex rigging procedures.

The customer was very satisfied with the solution and they ordered more. Server farms are rapidly growing in this digital age, and customers are always looking for solutions to fit more hardware into less space. This will not only make the job easier, but it will improve safety. Safety comes first!! And now it does not need to be an afterthought when safe operation becomes the primary operation.


Low-Profile Zero-Low Lift Table

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Company looks for safer way to move carts

An American supplier of tooling and industrial materials had an application where they were rolling carts with very fragile material on them up a ramp to a platform where the material was needed. Even though the grade was gradual, they had a couple close calls with the material shifting as the cart angle increased.

This is where Air Technical Industries came in to provide a safer and more efficient solution. With the use of one of ATI’s standard products, the Low-Profile Zero Low lift table was able to provide a ground level loading of the carts. The Low-Profile Zero Low lift table would raise to the desired height and they could push the cart directly off the lift and on to the raised platform, completely eliminating any tilting of their carts. To meet any OSHA requirement for personnel lifts the Low-Profile Zero Low lift was outfitted with guardrails, velocity fuses, and other safety standards to protect both the load and personnel riding on the Low-Profile Zero Low lift table.

Air Technical Industries Low-Profile Zero Low lift table is similar to their standard Zero Low lift tables, but the fenders are both narrower and lower to the ground on the Low-Profile Zero Low lift table. This allows easier access by the operator.

Here is a link to this product from our website

Low-Profile Zero-Low Lift

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Air Technical Industries finds ergonomic answer to lessen customer strain and fatigue

Customer looking to better handle lightweight parts that are stacked in container. Their application involves a container being dropped off at their work station. Then the worker has to remove all the parts to separate them into 3 different components. This is causing back strains and fatigue as they are bending, lifting, and twisting during the entire process. ATI found solution with their Zero-Low Crate Positioner. This solution not only improved the workers productivity, but also lessened the workers complaints of back strains.

The Zero-Low Crate Positioner has a capacity of 250 pounds to 4000 pounds. Up to 60 degrees tilt and raise crate to different working heights. The retaining plate is adjustable to different heights; when table is tilted up to 60 degrees, the load is at proper level for easy access by the user. The versatility of this unit allows the tilted material to always be at a ergonomic position for the user. The Zero-Low Crate Positioner serves as an economical “lift” table. Designed to lift loads up to 36 inches without costly scissor lift mechanisms. It lowers to zero ground level for easy loading. When the deck of the Zero-Low Crate Positioner in the lowered position it is very low profile for easy loading with a two wheel dolly or pallet truck.

By coming to ATI for their solution. The customer not only lessened their workers injuries, but they were able to make the application more productive and efficient.


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Mobile Zero-Low Lift for Aerospace

A customer that manufactured helicopters was looking for a way to lift and weigh their helicopters. They were doing this operation not only to check the weight ,but also to check the balance and center of gravity of the helicopters. They wanted something that was mobile so that they can wheel it into place and then remove when not in use. The also wanted the Zero Low feature so that they could roll right on the the lift at the ground level. We were able to equip the Zero Low lift table with a wheel package and utilize what we like to call the 5th wheel design. This would allow them to engage or disengage the wheels when the scissors table was in use. They also mounted a low profile scale on top to perform the weight test that was needed. The Zero Low lifts were powered by air because this was compressed air was readily accessible. You can see this family of lift tables at

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Company turns to Air Technical Industries for solution and cost savings

Customer has an application that requires above normal lifting heights. They went out and got quotes for modified scissor lift tables and they were coming back over $20,000. ATI found a more stable and safer answer to their problem.

The customer was looking to lift mixing materials for their mixer that the opening sits 193 inches above the floor. They have an operator that stands on a platform and dumps these components into the mixer. However, they want to run these items on a conveyor and transfer them up to him. The solution is ATI’s Zero-Low 3 Point Entry lift table. They can access the lift from 3 sides giving them tremendous flexibility. By attaching gravity conveyors to the Zero Low 3 point they are able to feed the unit from their current conveyors to the platform and lift up to the operator. Once he is done loading the mixer the platform will return to the home position waiting for another load to be delivered. The customer ending up saving over $6,000 per unit.

The Zero Low 3 Point Entry lift table is the easiest to use lift table of all time!ATI’s 3-Point Entry, Zero-Low Lift Table permits the load to be placed on the table from three sides and raised close to the operator.

  • 1,000 & 2,500 lb. capacities
  • Loads can be placed on table from three sides providing easier access by operator
  • Wide variety of deck sizes available to fit any size load
  • Double roller lifting chains give maximum lifting stability.
    Lifting table travels on rollers eliminating rubbing, friction and binding. Rollers are adjustable; level lifting is maintained at all times.
  • Manual or electric operation


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Zero-Low Lift with wheels

A maintenance engineer approached Air Technical Industries with a challenge. They remove and replace pumps on a monthly basis that need lifted a few feet in the process. In order to do this the maintenance crew has had to use several pieces of equipment including two mobile cranes. Since these pumps are on wheels and can be pushed or pulled the solution is the Zero-Low Lift with wheels. This unit will lower flush to the ground for easy loading and unloading, and can be raised slightly to be used as a cart. This solution makes it possible to use only one piece of lift equipment for the removal and replacement of the pumps.

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