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Rough-Terrain Lift Table Helps Renewable Energy

A customer in the wind turbine industry was looking for a way to safety and efficiently perform maintenance on turbine blades in the field. They needed a low-profile, rough-terrain scissors lift so they can transport and position the blades. The huge windmill blades can span up to 200′ length, so they are quite awkward and cumbersome to handle. The lift table is only 8 feet long and is positioned under the middle at the center of gravity to do the positioning. The wheels are 21” diameter pneumatic wheels and it has dual self-contained drive wheels with power steering and a joystick pendant control for remote operation. The blade is removed from the windmill head and placed onto the lift table. Then the lift table is maneuvered to a work area where it places the blade on supports to perform the work.

The self-propelled mobile scissors lift table is an ideal tool for improving the efficiency and rapid turnaround of wind turbine blade maintenance. By combining proven lift table design with the custom features required for the specific application, we are able to provide a simple and cost-effective engineered solution.


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XL Lifting Capacity Reaching New Heights

Mentor, Ohio May 26, 2017 – Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new, extra large double scissor lift platform with a 10,000 lb capacity.  It lifts from 48 in lowered height, 210 in vertical lift and maximum raised height of 258 in.

The scissor mechanism is manufactured from heavy duty rectangular tubing for sturdy, smooth lifting, and robust side-to-side stability, with 3:1 structural safety factor.

Lifting is actuated by four hydraulic cylinders with precision built cylinder body and smooth inner walls equipped with durable urethane seals.  The 2 in OD cylinder shaft is made of high carbon tough steel.  The shafts are chrome plated for smooth operation and to prevent corrosion.

The non-skid deck is available with optional railings on all sides with a gate on each end or two-sided with safety chains.  The deck size is 102 in wide by 168 in long with flexible platform sizes and lifting heights available.  A telescoping deck extension feature  is also available to provide added reach.  The deck extension is hydraulically actuated for smooth, effortless operation.

The unit shown is stationary for permanent installation.  Optional mobile units are available wheel mounted, towable or also self-propelled walkie or rider type, as well as self-contained drive with remote joystick controls.  When the unit is installed on wheels there are optional outriggers that may be necessary for added stability.

There are a variety of power options that can be used for stationary installation primarily electrical 240-480 volt 3 phase.  Mobile units can be deep-cycle or industrial battery DC powered, propane engine or gasoline engine.  For hazardous duty environments there is an air powered hydraulic system that is spark proof.

This is an ideal, versatile, and economical way of lifting large heavy items to greater height while the mobility provides additional flexibility to be used any time or place needed.

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See Double Scissors Lift models here.


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Extra Large Lift & Tilt Table

A customer that manufactured the cardboard cores that would go inside rolls of paper was looking for an ergonomic way to tilt these rolls in the cutting process. When the rolls are made they are made in lengths of up to 20 feet long and then are cut down to sections of 5 feet or smaller. We manufactured a a custom tandem lift and tilt table that was 7 feet wide by 21 feet long and would tilt up to 15 degrees. The table was equipped with sockets on all for corners to secure the crate that was set on top of it. As the table was tilted it would easily allow for the cores to slide off the platform. This task was originally done by and overhead crane & because of safety concerns, the mis-application of the overhead crane, and not tying up the overhead crane time, they changed to a safer and ergonomic way to handle the application.

Lift-and-Tilt Tables


Extra Large Lift & Tilt


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