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Customer finds easy answer to maintenance problem

Needing to make repairs on a piece of equipment. A customer could not find a solution that was both safe and appropriate. That is until they came across Air Technical Industries Rotating Jib-Master Forklift attachment with personnel basket attached.

They needed to lift up and over other equipment to be able to access the machine they needed to work on. Attaching the Rotating Jib-Master Forklift attachment to their existing fork truck they could easily navigate the equipment below and allow the worker to safely reach and repair what needed to be done. This saved them thousands of dollars from having to by a crane to do the lifting.

The Rotating Jib-Master Fork Lift Attachment can rotate 150 degrees on a forklift truck. Giving the forklift a new dimension that was not previously available. The Rotating Jib-Master Fork Lift Attachment can also be permanently or temporarily mounted to the floor or truck to achieve 360 degrees of rotation. The capacity when the boom is retracted is 3000 pounds and when the boom is fully extended 2000 pounds. An optional personnel basket can be attached for optimal flexibility and safety in maintenance situations. The personnel basket is 24” wide x 36” long x 42” high with a capacity of 500 pounds.

Jib-Master Forklift Crane

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