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NEW ERGO-ECO Crawler Crane with Knuckle Boom

Mentor, Ohio September 7, 2017Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new all-terrain crawler crane for outdoor and indoor use. The unique features of the Crawler crane include ergonomic and eco-friendly (ergo-eco) clean operation, quiet movement, remote controlled walk along functionality, turning on the dime (360°) and ability to travel in any direction for multi-use applications.

The knuckle boom crane (KK) comes with a telescopic extension boom reaching up to 18 ft with a lift height of 20 ft above the ground level. The knuckle allows it to effectively reach 5 ft below the ground level into man holes or below ground operation. Adding a hydraulic winch option allows reach up to 50 ft below ground level.

The crane functions are hydraulically activated and includes 350° mast rotation for the boom lift, the knuckle, and telescopic boom actions.

The controls are all remote pendant or wireless controlled. The pendant controller is attached to a 20′ long cable to give the operator flexibility to reach out to where a load needs to be handled or rigged.

An optional application for the Crawler is a removable plow blade which can be used for light ground grading or snow plowing.

The Crawler is powered by a 48 volt heavy duty industrial battery with a built-in charger for overnight charging. Alternative power options are LPG-gas propane or diesel for outdoor use only. The lifting capacity of the crane is available in 2000, 4000, 6000, and 10,000 lbs.

Other options include cable lift and gooseneck attachments which will extend the reach to 24 ft and the lifting height to 25 ft. The capacity is substantially reduced with the gooseneck attachment. A personnel basket can be attached to the boom for this lift. The track is available in steel and/or rubber to protect the floor as well as to reduce noise level while traveling.

The versatile Crawler has many features to assist various, unique material handling applications including assembly, maintenance work, transporting, loading, unloading and is ideal for aircraft service maintenance. The Crawler is an excellent workhorse for special industrial applications and is engineered to improve safety while making the job easier and faster.


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Knuckle Boom Serves Energy Transmission and Distribution

A customer that is a supplier of electrical power was looking for a way to safely handle transformers in the field when they needed repaired or replaced. The transformers could weigh upwards of 1,500 lbs and were in areas where a substantial amount of lift and/or reach was needed to pick them. This was an ideal challenge for our Reversible Boom Crane with knuckle boom. This crane provided them with optimal lift height and reach in front of the wheels. This unencumbered reach beyond the wheels is the most popular feature of the Reversible Boom Crane (RBC). It is also designed such that the boom capacity is not dependent on the angle of the boom greatly improving safety and usefulness. Most mobile cranes have little to no capacity in the horizontal position and this is a common cause of crane accidents. They were able to put this crane on a trailer and take it to wherever the job site is located.

You can see this model at

Reversible Boom Knuckle Krane

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Heavy Duty Knuckle Boom eliminates rigging expense

A customer in a leading polyester sheet company had a challenge to reach 12 feet into a press and move a 4000 pound die. This feat has been being accomplished on a weekly basis by a rigging company at a high expense to the customer. Air Technical Industries was approached to find a solution. The Reversible Boom Knuckle Crane was the optimal solution. This model has a lifting capacity of 20,000 pounds and has many standard options such as hydraulic winch for lifting and lowering using a cable, hydraulic rotation to be able to line up the hook without having to move the RBC, and telescopic boom that will operate whether the crane is loaded or not. The RBKK-20000 will help this customer save money increasing profits.

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