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What is the price of Safety and Efficiency?

A client let me know last week that they could not purchase a crane to preform a daily task of moving manufactured doors from one station to a packaging station. because they didn’t expect to pay the amount of the quoted crane, which was $5154.00.
Its a shame cost sometimes comes before efficiency and safety, but it is a reality that I deal with all the time.
The one argument I would use for spending the money on a piece of needed equipment is the price of the doors being handled and the amount of workers needed to preform the task.
Lets say we reduce the amount of workers just from 2 people to 1.
Based on a $12.00 an hour workers rate you save would save $96.00 a day on payroll.
That is a $24,960 savings in one year to preform that task. If you do not damage doors anymore doing the task, you will increase efficiency and decrease costs even more!
And if you improve safety, you get the benefits I just stated plus, improved moral, which if you ask any shop supervisor, is PRICELESS!
Add all that together and you will get your money back for the amount of the crane within the first 3 MONTHS!
Something that the boss should consider.

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