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Meat packaging company turns to Air Technical Industries for lift table solution.

Company needs to lift pallets from ground level to platform 30 inches off the ground and wants do this by rolling the pallets on to the lift. The major advantage of the Zero-Low lift table is that the deck lowers to ground level and then lifts up to 10,000 pounds to the desired height. This provides a great advantage since a load may be rolled on or off the lift platform without the need for a ramp or pit, and it also greatly reduces manual handling of the load.

In addition they needed the Zero-Low lift table to be wash-down compliant. ATI specializes in these types of applications. After some discussion it was concluded that an all structural stainless steel Zero-Low lift table would work best.

Special features of the Stainless Steel Zero-Low Lift Table include:

  • all structural steel is made out of 304 stainless steel
  • cylinders are stainless steel
  • hose and fittings are stainless steel
  • food grade oil
  • safe in hygienic operation in food or pharmaceutical processing or for use in a corrosive environment.
  • A wash-down power-pack is available when frequent cleaning will be required. This prevents damage to the power system components and provides long lasting durability

The Zero-Low lift table can be used any time, any place, without installation. Just place it on a flat concrete floor anywhere you need a lift, plug it in, and it’s ready to do the lifting for you!

This unit reduces worker injuries and fatigue by avoiding unnecessary bending, reaching, and stretching of back and arm muscles, a truly ergonomic machine.


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Pair of Scissors Lifts Wows Entertainment Industry

A customer in the entertainment industry was looking for a custom stage lift to lift his drummer of his band 10′ in the air and then come underneath him so it appeared that the drummer was floating over top. At first it seemed as if only a magician call pull off a trick such as this. However the clever minds of the engineering team came up with a design that would position two double scissors lift parallel with each other and then mount a common platform over top. The lifts were synchronized with a hydraulic flow divider that enabled the lifts to go up at the same rate. The performer also wanted this to happen quickly so we outfitted them with a 15 HP motor enabling them to go up at a fast rate.

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Cart loading/unloading sans forklift

Many modern operations seek to operate in a forklift free environment in order cause increased productivity, safety, and cut overall expenses. A Zero-Low lift is an integral part of any forklift free operation, the Zero-Low lift has minimal clearance to allow it to be loaded by a pallet jack, or for a loaded cart to be pushed directly onto the table. This allows employees to raise and lower the cart to the desired height, for loading and unloading, preventing injuries, and causing maximum operational efficiency. Once the task is complete the table can be lowered to ground level and the cart can be rolled off and replaced. A hinged dock plate can be utilized if pass through operation is desired.

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Custom Double Scissors Lift for Aerospace Application

A customer from the aeronautical industry was looking for a way to lift different components for their unmanned aerial vehicle. The needed something that was very narrow and portable with a 36” high vertical travel. We specially designed a double scissors lift on casters to do the job. One of the major benefits is this lift table is so universal that it can lift multiple components. The unit also comes with a manual hydraulic pump so no power is needed to operate it in the field. The lift comes with four locking swivel casters allowing them to move in any direction they desire. They were very pleased with the performance of this custom scissors lift that they will be outfitting every manufacturing location with one of these units.

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Ergonomic Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table for Easy and Safe Load Lifting

Many of the customers for Air Technical Industries are engineering firms. When special needs are requsted for a hydraulic lift table, scissor lift table, tandem lift table, or others at Air Technical Industries we will engineer a hydraulic scissor lift table to fit your requirements. A recent project required a hydraulic scissor lift table with a lowered height of 22 inches and a rasied height of 26 feet. On top of that platform was a requirment for a motorized platform that would spin at a slow speed.

Our engineering tHydraulic Scissors Lift Tableeam at air technical industries designed a 4 stage hydraulic scissor lift table that was able to satisfy all the customers requirements.

The main challenge of this desgn was that never before had a hydraulic lift table capable of a 1 ton capacity and 26 feet of raised height been designed. The multistage scissors were designed so that one set would set inside the next on this hydaulic lift. At air Technical Industries, we are ready to meet the next challenge.

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