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Top 4 Factors for Lift Table Purchases

Are you looking to purchase a hydraulic scissor lift or work positioning table that meets your specific needs? Below is the best advice and guidance that I can offer to you when shopping to buy the most cost effective product.

Hydraulic Scissors Lift Table

1. QUALITY: Look for a company who has been manufacturing hydraulic lift tables for a long time. They will not only have the knowledge and experience in designing and building the best products, but their longevity in business signifies that they have a commitment to customer satisfaction.

2. PRICE/COST EFFICIENCY: Make sure you compare “apples-to-apples” in every aspect of the lift construction. In the long run, quality materials and parts will always deliver more for your money! I am sure that you do not believe that customers really save money on inferior/less expensive products. Investing in a heavy-duty lift table, even if it is more expensive on the initial purchase, can provide you with a huge amount of cost saving benefits at your work facility in a short amount of time. Smart buyers will closely evaluate the total cost of ownership of a hydraulic lift while considering purchase options. You do not want to end up buying a lower quality and/or lower cost lift that continuously causes you problems or will not last very long. Beware… the lowest purchase price can easily become the highest cost purchase!

3. CUSTOM or STANDARD PRODUCT: There are benefits to both standard and custom ordered lift tables. Manufacturers who have been in business for a long time will have a good selection of standard, quality hydraulic lifts to choose from. But a standard product may not always be the best fit…and when it is not the best fit…you end up having a product that costs you more money in the long run. A custom solution is not as expensive as you would think. Most of the best manufacturers (those who actually have an engineering staff and a manufacturing facility) have the ability to transform their current product designs into a custom design that will function to meet your specific need. So, consider your needs and and your challenge and then look for the best fit… Custom or Standard.

4. CUSTOMER CONSULTATION: The best product purchase decisions are made together between a customer and a lift table manufacturer that has a sale team who understands and listens to the customer. For example, you may benefit from a ground level lift or low-profile lift and should be advised of these options. Before buying a scissor lift, obtain guidance and input from a manufacturing company who has experienced sales consultants and an available support team who are all excited to understand your challenge so they can offer you the best possible solution. These sales consultants understand and will earn your business today and tomorrow. Their knowledge plays an important role in helping you make the best overall decision.

You might already have a good approach for comparing hydraulic lift table manufacturers and product related purchases, but I hope this article provides you with some additional insight on the big picture so you can make the best decision. If you are not sure where to turn first for some professional guidance… Contact Us. Air Technical Industries is a “true” manufacturer of standard and custom hydraulic lift products (and many other types of material handling equipment)…and we will be grateful to serve to you!

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We Speak Your Language!




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Since 1964, Air Technical Industries has been recognized for their quality products not only by companies in the United States… but by companies who use ATI products throughout the world! It is not unusual to see an ATI crane or lift table at companies in Mexico, Canada or South America. And if you visit abroad, you can find ATI products in just about every major country who has manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, assembly and production operations associated with energy, mining aerospace, food processing, automotive, pharmaceuticals, defense and yes… even foreign government! With over 50 years of continued new product developments and high tech engineered product advancements, the ATI logo is scattered throughout the world on various standard, modified and customized products. Many extremely early manufactured ATI products still remain functioning today, due to the company’s commitment to deliver quality products. It only stands to reason why ATI has been in business since 1964… and why companies throughout the world continue to call ATI today!

So if you have an interesting material handling challenge – call us! In one way or another, you will find that ATI speaks your language!


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XL Lifting Capacity Reaching New Heights

Mentor, Ohio May 26, 2017 – Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new, extra large double scissor lift platform with a 10,000 lb capacity.  It lifts from 48 in lowered height, 210 in vertical lift and maximum raised height of 258 in.

The scissor mechanism is manufactured from heavy duty rectangular tubing for sturdy, smooth lifting, and robust side-to-side stability, with 3:1 structural safety factor.

Lifting is actuated by four hydraulic cylinders with precision built cylinder body and smooth inner walls equipped with durable urethane seals.  The 2 in OD cylinder shaft is made of high carbon tough steel.  The shafts are chrome plated for smooth operation and to prevent corrosion.

The non-skid deck is available with optional railings on all sides with a gate on each end or two-sided with safety chains.  The deck size is 102 in wide by 168 in long with flexible platform sizes and lifting heights available.  A telescoping deck extension feature  is also available to provide added reach.  The deck extension is hydraulically actuated for smooth, effortless operation.

The unit shown is stationary for permanent installation.  Optional mobile units are available wheel mounted, towable or also self-propelled walkie or rider type, as well as self-contained drive with remote joystick controls.  When the unit is installed on wheels there are optional outriggers that may be necessary for added stability.

There are a variety of power options that can be used for stationary installation primarily electrical 240-480 volt 3 phase.  Mobile units can be deep-cycle or industrial battery DC powered, propane engine or gasoline engine.  For hazardous duty environments there is an air powered hydraulic system that is spark proof.

This is an ideal, versatile, and economical way of lifting large heavy items to greater height while the mobility provides additional flexibility to be used any time or place needed.

X          X          X

See Double Scissors Lift models here.


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Pig Lift. Yes, really.

A customer who was having to dump sows from one level of the building down to another was looking for an ergonomic solution to lift and off-load three pigs at a time. The total weight would be no more than 1,000 lbs. They wanted to load one at a time and needed it to be flush with the floor. The Zero Low Lift and Tilt was a great solution. We designed it with 90 degree tilt feature and this enabled them to make sure the load was completely discharged from the platform. We also designed the back of the platform to have a spring loaded backup plate to easily retain the pigs, but allow them to roll out at the appropriate time, and then automatically return the stop once the table is emptied.

For everyone keeping score, ATI has already helped customers load and lift tons of elephant and rhino excrement, pull sharks out of aquarium pools, hoist up a bird cage, and now on to handling hogs. Perhaps we should change our name to Air Technical Zoo Equipment!

Zero-Low Lift & Tilt Tables

Zero-Low Lift & Tilt

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Circular Lift Serves as Elevating Scaffolding

A major steel foundry approached ATI to help with a major time waster. Part of the steel production process requires that the molten steel be injected with various gasses to establish the specific chemical composite of the particular alloy of steel. This operation is performed in a refractory vessel, a cylindrical chamber about 16 feet high lined with bricks to accommodate the intense heat of the process. Due to the harsh environment, these bricks deteriorate and have to be replaced periodically.

The old process involved starting at the bottom of the vessel and re-bricking the entire vessel, erecting scaffolding along the way as the height grew out of reach of the crew. This cost many days and man-hours of down time to erect the scaffolding, lay the bricks, and then break down the scaffolding to resume operation.

ATI provided a heavy-duty Double Scissors Lift table custom-designed specifically for this application. The lift supported a capacity of 15,000 pounds, enough for a whole crew and over 6 tons of bricks. It is equipped with safety holding valves to prevent lowering of the platform in the event of a hydraulic failure, a requirement for operators to be able to stand on the lift. It has a circular platform top allowing the crew maximum access around the entire inside circumference of the vessel.

Now when the time comes to re-brick the refractory vessel, the crew gets started at the bottom with the first few layers, once they get up to about 4 feet high, they leave the chamber and drop the lift in with an overhead crane. This takes only a few minutes and they are back to work, only now they can simply push a button every time they need to increase their working height, saving countless hours every single time this process takes place.

Air Technical Industries is always willing and able to tack unique and interesting projects like this and provide custom solutions for every day handling challenges, or the most unusual ones. They offer robust, functional equipment that can get the job done. After working over 10 years in this harsh and demanding application, this customer was able to call on ATI once again to build another one!


Double Scissor Lift for Refractory Vessel chamber

Double Scissor Lift for Refractory Vessel chamber

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Forbes Top 100 Company Turns to ATI for Lift Table Solution

Having purchased a scissor lift table in the past from Air Technical Industries and from other vendors, this Forbes Top 100 Company knew what they wanted and who could deliver it for them. They had an application that required personnel to be lifted off the ground to an elevated platform. Their concern was the sway an economical lift table could have when the unit is in its fully raised position.

We decided to beef up the scissors to a heavier material than is normally used for the capacity required. This minor change helped to substantially reduce the sway of the scissor lift table when in the raised position. Obviously, guard rails and other OSHA related safety features were added to insure the safety of their workers.

Air Technical scissor lift tables are highly versatile. They are ideal for a wide range of operations like lifting, feeding, accumulating, aligning, and many other productions and assembly operations. They are also used for loading dock applications or personnel lifts when properly equipped.

Here is a link to our website for further information; Zero Dock Lift

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Your Overhead Crane Does Not Handle Everything

A customer in the paper industry was looking for an ergonomic way to tilt their cardboard cores for their paper reels allowing them to easily remove them from the stack. The cores came in up to 20′ in length stacked up twelve high and weighing about 10,000 pounds altogether including the crate. They were originally tilting the containers using an overhead crane. This is a mis-application of an overhead crane, and a significant safety hazard to the operators. We custom designed for them an extra-large 7 ft x 20 ft triple tandem scissors lift table with a tilting top platform. The lift table was capable of lifting up to about 6′ high and had a working capacity of 10,000 lbs. You can see the standard design for this model of lift and tilt table at


Lift & Tilt Table

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Customer minimizes worker fatigue with ATI lift

Our customer came to us with an ergonomic nightmare. They were lifting 50 pound bags of product off a production line on to a pallet that sat on the floor. As you can imagine the first few rows required a lot of bending and twisting. Plus, the operator needed to walk around the pallet as each row took 4 bags of products.

The solution to this application was a Low Profile Zero Low Lift Table. This unit allowed the customer to place the pallet inside the fenders and only a 1/2” off the ground. The Low Profile Zero Low Lift Table has a lower fender height then other standard Zero Low Lift Tables. However, this only solved part of the problem. They now needed the Low Profile Zero Low Lift Table to also rotate. ATI having built such a unit in the past knew exactly what to do.

So, in the end the customer was able to finish with the pallet at ground level to be removed with a standard pallet jack. At the same time during the loading of the bags the unit also rotated so the operator could stand in one place and load the pallet on all sides. This both improved worker safety, but also improved productivity. The customer paid for their units in less than 4 months.

For further help with your application, please contact Air Technical Industries at or call us at 800.321.9680.

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Company Looks to ATI for a Custom Hydraulic Lift Table

An Ohio company has a application that is causing wasted time and injury to their workers trying to complete routine maintenance on their furnaces. They currently have a lift table from ATI, but find that with some modifications their application would be more ergonomically correct and safer for the people involved.

They are removing recuperators from their furnaces. These pieces weigh around 200 pounds. Having to bend over the opening to remove these items and carrying them down a ladder to attach to their current lift table for cleaning is putting strain on workers backs and opening them up for further injury. Plus, they are using 3 or 4 people to do this cleaning job.

ATI and their engineers designed a mobile lift table with a telescopic platform to allow for a one person operation. Not only is this a safer option, but they can now better utilize their manpower in other areas. The lift table has a lowered height of 48” for any normal person to have easy access to the recuperator during the cleaning process. The lift table will raise 36” and telescope 30” into the furnace for easy removal. They then can reverse the process to put the piece back into the furnace. All this saves them time, money, injury claims, and efficiency.

ATI’s lift tables are highly versatile and ideal for a wide range of operations like lifting, feeding, accumulating, aligning, and many other production, assembly operations, and maintenance applications. Lift tables ease work and increase worker productivity. ATI’s lift tables range from 500 pounds to in excess of 50,000 pounds and a raised height up to 74 inches. For further information on our lift tables here is a link for your convenience (

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