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Re-sellers Love Our Flexibility

One of my re-sellers came to me with a request for a custom product to accept sheets of various sizes & weights to be flipped & rolled out of an Upender Inverter for further processing. Half way through the project, it was requested that we accommodate a larger sheet size. ATI worked with this reseller and our supplier to accommodate for this last minute request.

Before accepting the order, we interview our customers to match up the application with the best solution. Nevertheless, ATI takes these unexpected changes in stride. It’s all part of providing our customers with material handling solutions that can range from scissor lifts, mobile & fixed cranes and inverters and countless other possibilities.

On a personal note, I truly do enjoy the fact that many of our projects require interaction with our customers who need a unique solution. Makes for a dynamic work environment. We anxiously look forward to the next challenge.

Upender Inverter with Conveyors

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MEGA Heavy Rollover Unit for Aerospace Supplier

A customer in the aerospace component manufacturing business was looking for a way to split and invert their dies. These dies being different shapes and size weighing in upwards of 10,000 lbs. The best solution for them was our Upender Inverter. We are able to make t-slots to the top and bottom so retain to the top or bottom of the machine and then dissect the top half from the bottom. They also wanted the ability to completely rotate either the whole die and or top or bottom section. So this machine gave them the ability to perform multiple tasks and was quite the time saver!! The customer was so pleased with this solution that they ultimately bought a 60,000 lbs version, making it the heaviest capacity Upender Inverter that we have ever built!

Upender Inverter 65K Rollover

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Company looks to ATI to help solve safety issue

A major supplier of high-quality, engineered, heavy metal components who is committed to providing a safe working environment for its employees needed help finding a safe way to flip 60,000 pound cylinders and other very heavy products. They knew exactly where to go to find this help.

Air Technical Industries supplied this same customer with a 20,000 pound Upender Inverter earlier last year with powered conveyors to feed products and powered conveyors inside the Upender Inverter. The whole system was fully automated. One of the reasons this company decided to work with ATI again was their commitment to going above and beyond to get the job done. ATI’s units are over-engineered to handle the rugged, everyday applications of their customers. But, in this case there were some problems with the bearing flanges breaking at the entry side of the Upender Inverter conveyors. Even though ATI did not make these conveyors or bearings, they replaced them with their own design of a more robust bearing. The unit has worked ever since.

Thanks to this outstanding customer service and willingness to get the job done, this same customer has the confidence to have Air Technical Industries help with another large project where safety is of the utmost importance. ATI will once again supply a highly modified Upender Inverter to solve another customer’s challenge.

Here is a link Air Technical Industries web page on Upender Inverters.

UI auto with conveyors

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Flip the Mattress, All of Them

A customer that is in the mattress manufacturing industry was looking for a way to flip their mattresses while in the production process. They wanted an automated type of solution so this way the operator didn’t have to stop what they were working on. We came up with an Upender Inverter that had powered conveyors on the top and bottom along with a programmable logic control system allowing them to have a one-touch operation. The upender detects when the mattress arrives and starts the conveyor, then as soon as the mattress hits the next sensor, the unit would rotates 180 degrees. The upender then feeds off the mattress and returns to the home position once the mattress is off loaded.

Mini UI Auto, Conveyors

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Flipping Large Drill Heads

A customer that manufactures big heavy drill bits was looking for an easy way to upend there drill bits. The drill bits could weigh as much as 200 lbs. This was a great solution for our Mini Upender Inverter. We put ball transfer plates on the top and bottom along with guide rails to allow the customer to easily transfer their load on to the Upender and also capture the load. The three headed drill plate had custom flat fixtures on the top and bottom along the load to be balance throughout the process. This solution gave them a much safer and quicker way of doing this operation.

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Upender Inverter provides solution for Oilfield Industry

A customer in the oil & gas industry was looking for a way to invert their large gear box castings 180 degrees weighing upwards of 10,000 lbs. They wanted to eliminate the use of their overhead crane because of safety reasons & that it may cause damage to their castings. They were also limited to the amount of floor space available. We were able to develop a heavy duty upender inverter using only one feed conveyor. The powered conveyor would not only feed but receive the load once inverted. This system was such a great solution they’ve purchased multiple units thanks to the cost savings benefit in the amount of time they reduced to perform this task.


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