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Crane for Rooftop Maintenance

A customer approached ATI with the need for a crane that can be disassembled carried up to a roof and then reassembled in order to remove cooling units that are mounted on a surface 10 feet above the rooftop level. These units weigh about four hundred pounds, and have been removed and replaced by maintenance personnel using a series of scaffolding and lots of effort. This method has resulted in lost work days due to injuries to hands, shoulders, and backs.

The solution is the manual PG-6000 with a gooseneck boom attachment. This crane can be easily disassembled and transported to the roof and then reassembled. The gooseneck attachment height is 17 feet easily allowing the Port-O-Giant mobile hydraulic floor crane access to the mounted cooling units. This solution allows for safe and efficient removal and replacement of the rooftop units.


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