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How does a $600.00 crane save a $55,000,000.00 project?

In the middle of construction of a new manufacturing facility, the project manager had a problem that was threatening to stall the progress, delay completion, and add more cost to the budget. Air conditioning units, about 25 of them, that weighed 545 lbs. needed to be installed on the roof of the complex. The building was big, approx. 50 yards long. The units were placed onto the roof with a large crane, however getting the enclosures to their various locations proved daunting. The surface was unable to accommodate and support heavy fork trucks or other self propelled cranes, and getting a machine up to the roof was also a consideration. They only needed to raise the units 6 ins. to place them on their frames to be secured, but asking workers to carry these to the locations they needed to go,(all over that 50 yard long roof) was barbaric at best. The solution was so simple, so inexpensive, and so safe. We developed a simple cart with rubber air wheels that could traverse the roof top. Then we sold them our V-master portable mobile hydraulic crane. This workhorse of a crane only weighs 150 lbs. and can fit in the trunk of a car or an elevator. Its capacity is 1000 lbs. The crane would lift the units onto the cart. The cart would then be easily rolled to its install spot, and then the V-Master would lift the unit off of the cart and into position. Man hours were saved, backs were spared, money was not lost, and the project was able to proceed as scheduled. Finding simple, inexpensive solutions to clients’ problems is something we have taken pride in for over 50 years. In that time, remembering to KEEP IT SIMPLE, has always been a part of finding ways to help our customers, our partners!

V-Master Portable crane

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