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Variation on Company’s First Product Expands on Tradition of Simple, Useful Lifting Solutions

Mentor, Ohio June 22, 2021Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new V-Master crane model that lifts 2000 pounds up to 12 ft high. While this version won’t fit in the trunk of your car like the original, it can be disassembled for storage or transportation. The new VM-2000 crane is ideal for shop maintenance or assembly or it can be taken out in the field for work in customer’s facilities or remote work areas. It’s small foot print and simplistic design belies its tremendous capability for increased lift height and capacity. It is mobile and portable and can be used any time any place.

VM2000 PR image

ATI started business in 1964 with a simple value proposition. The V-Master Mobile Hydraulic Floor Crane, model VM-1000, lifts 1000 pounds up to 8 feet high, weighs only 150 pounds, and can be disassembled to fit in 2 square feet of floor space.

With the launch of the VM-2000, the original shop crane gets a big brother. The VM-2000 can lower its swivel eye hook all the way to the floor level and raise up to 12 feet high. With the short gooseneck extension, the boom offers additional reach and clearance for larger loads. The crane has removable, telescopic 2-position legs. The short position provides for more compact operation with 1500 pounds capacity, and the extended position offers the full 2000 pounds capacity and requires no counterweight to be added.

The unit is equipped with non-marking polyurethane coated roller-bearing mounted wheels and a tee-screw floor lock. The lifting action is hydraulically operated, electrically powered by 12VDC battery power unit. This provides for easy, effortless operation under self-contained power. Alternative 120VAC plug-in power is also available.

The new over-sized V-Master Portable Floor Crane is an outstanding solution for a variety of lifting and positioning operations. It enables simple, safe, efficient operation in a compact, economical package.


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Founded Upon Military Innovation

Air Technical Industries provides lifting equipment for all branches of the defense department and is proud to announce that we work with the Armed Forces. The owner of the company Pero Novak was a helicopter pilot in the United States Army in his younger years. He envisioned his first portable crane when needing to service helicopter engines while stationed in Korea. He built our company on the sale of a small, portable crane, and after building many of these small shop cranes, he finally had the opportunity to build that exact crane that was sketched up in the mess hall in Korea. You can see the inspiration for the founding of our company below.

Over the years, these portable, mobile cranes have evolved and have been equipped with many different features to meet just about any application. They are available self-propelled, equipped with powered hydraulics, powered telescoping boom, cable winch, hazardous location packages, wireless radio controls, and the list goes on! Not only have they been able to service engines and other aviation applications, but they are now used in countless other industries as well. Let us help you design yours!

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The RBC is In the Navy

A Naval customer was looking for a easier way to transport motors during the cleansing process. They have to be taking in and out of ovens and dip tanks. These motors weigh in the neighborhood of 700-1000 lbs. The existing monorail they have in place limits them to being able to transport the motors only on the path of the monorail track. Our RBC-4000-SPBW Reversible Boom Crane was a great solution. Like most applications, they were limited on maneuverability real estate. We were able to modify the base into what we call our “compact” version. While it increases the weight quite a bit, this modification provides for a shorter overall length. This opened up several possibilities in which this versatile mobile crane will be used on the shop floor. The customer had previous experience with our crane at another naval base, and is very excited to be able to benefit from using it again!! They couldn’t wait to get their hands on it!

Find more about this crane and its capabilities at

Self-Propelled Reversible Boom Crane

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Making NASA’s Job Easier

An aerospace customer was looking for a way to lift their x-ray inspection device over the Orion space craft. The x-ray device weighs 150 lbs and had to be lifted up and over the heat shield assembly over 10 feet high. A typical shop crane boom would contact the load at that steep boom angle, so this was a great solution for the Husky Master mobile hydraulic floor crane with a goose neck boom. The goose neck boom option provides added horizontal reach at boom angles over 45°. This gave them the ability to reach up and over the space craft to perform the work safely and efficiently.

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Powerful Lift in a Compact Package

Mentor, Ohio April 28, 2017 – Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new, compact drive system that is smaller in size and more powerful with infinitely variable speed control and automatic braking when the control handle is released.  The steering is 90° left and 90° right making sharp turns on a dime for operating in tight areas and precision positioning of the load.

The unit is light, compact and is available with adjustable legs that adjust from narrow 34 in and up to 60 in wide when lifting to 12 ft height for stability.  Other options include hydraulically powered telescopic boom extending from 54 in out to 96 in long.

Powered cable lift is also available to be able to reach up to 25 ft below floor levels into utility holes or from a second floor it can lift up from the lower level.

The Super Master variation offers the additional feature of mast rotation with outriggers.

The unit is available in 2000, 4000 and 6000 pound capacities.  The large wheels are roller bearing mounted polyurethane-coated, for smooth, quiet operation and to protect the floor.

Lifting and telescopic boom action is hydraulically actuated and the drive system is electo-mechanical battery powered 24 volts DC.  A built-in charger is available to make the unit completely self sufficient.

The Husky Master is a handy flexible tool where heavier loads need to be lifted, positioned and transported with effortless finger tip controls making the job easier and safer.


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See Husky-Master models here

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Reversible Boom Crane Loses Weight

New telescopic base feature reduces weight, adds versatility

Mentor, Ohio November 23, 2015 Air Technical Industries (ATI) of Mentor, Ohio announces the development of a new version of its popular Reversible Boom Crane (RBC) mobile counterbalanced floor crane with new unique features that enable it to extend and retract its base to adjust the overall length of the crane. The great benefit of this feature is the reduced overall weight for ease of transportation and handling, as well as reduced ground loading for use on floors with limited capacity.

Short mode is desirable to operate in crowded areas, can fit in freight elevators, or for use on floors with light capacity. Long mode can operate in open areas with more room, provides greater capacity with the counterweight extended for increased leverage, more safety and stability. These new features greatly increase the versatility to meet the user’s need.

The unit features polyurethane bearing mounted wheels for floor protection and smooth easy travel. Steering capability is 90° to left and right, which enable it to make sharp turns in crowded areas.

The propulsion is battery powered and controls are infinitely variable speeds from 0-4 mph. The unit has the ability to travel very slow for precision alignment of load. The hydraulically actuated telescopic boom option enables the boom to be extended and retracted under load.

These units are available in capacities from 1000 lbs to 20,000 lbs. The boom lengths and lifting height are dependent on the capacity and size of the unit and can range from 8 ft height up to 24 ft. The most important feature of the RBC is the reach beyond the wheels. This enables the user to reach into, over, and beyond nooks, crannies, into enclosures, trucks, or other areas where no other handling equipment can.

The other important features of the RBC mobile crane is its slim build enabling it to pass through doorways, narrow aisles, tool room or other locations that are not easily accessible. The optional features are powered telescopic boom, powered telescopic base, hydraulic powered mast rotation, winch cable lift, outriggers, remote operated push button control, or wireless radio control.

The new RBC is indeed a valuable tool to help lift and carry any kind of load to make the job easier and safer. Now even a construction site with limited floor capacity can benefit from the tremendous versatility of the best shop crane ever.

RBC with extending base

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Maintenance Solution for Oil & Gas Industry

A customer in the oil and gas industry was looking for a safe way to remove the bundle or inner case assembly of a oil pump line pump. They needed to reach up and over to a height of about 13 feet. The parts themselves only weighed a few hundred pounds. We designed an HM-8000M Modified Husky-Master portable floor crane with a goose neck boom attachment and winch. The Husky-Master is known as the workhorse floor crane of the industry. This would also allow them to remove the whole pump if needed since it weighs 4,000 lbs and that was the extended boom capacity. The customer also had limited clearance under the platform in which the pump was installed. We were able to outfit the crane with 6” wheels enabling them to roll underneath the platform. Where others say, “impossible”, we say, “it’s possible!” and these challenging applications are our specialty.

Husky-Master Floor Crane

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How does a $600.00 crane save a $55,000,000.00 project?

In the middle of construction of a new manufacturing facility, the project manager had a problem that was threatening to stall the progress, delay completion, and add more cost to the budget. Air conditioning units, about 25 of them, that weighed 545 lbs. needed to be installed on the roof of the complex. The building was big, approx. 50 yards long. The units were placed onto the roof with a large crane, however getting the enclosures to their various locations proved daunting. The surface was unable to accommodate and support heavy fork trucks or other self propelled cranes, and getting a machine up to the roof was also a consideration. They only needed to raise the units 6 ins. to place them on their frames to be secured, but asking workers to carry these to the locations they needed to go,(all over that 50 yard long roof) was barbaric at best. The solution was so simple, so inexpensive, and so safe. We developed a simple cart with rubber air wheels that could traverse the roof top. Then we sold them our V-master portable mobile hydraulic crane. This workhorse of a crane only weighs 150 lbs. and can fit in the trunk of a car or an elevator. Its capacity is 1000 lbs. The crane would lift the units onto the cart. The cart would then be easily rolled to its install spot, and then the V-Master would lift the unit off of the cart and into position. Man hours were saved, backs were spared, money was not lost, and the project was able to proceed as scheduled. Finding simple, inexpensive solutions to clients’ problems is something we have taken pride in for over 50 years. In that time, remembering to KEEP IT SIMPLE, has always been a part of finding ways to help our customers, our partners!

V-Master Portable crane

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KISS: Keep It Simple & Smart!

A client was looking for a truck crane with a hoist to lift manhole covers on his maintenance route. These covers are usually 100 to 200 lbs and can be pretty hard to budge. The thought was to have a foldable crane mounted on the side of the truck with the power for the crane and hoist coming off the truck battery. As it turned out, the boom reach available to do the job properly was more than needed and the price for the crane was over budget.
After describing the existing steps taken to perform this task, we determined that a more simple approach would complete the task just as well and at only a quarter of the cost. I suggested our VM-1000 Portable Hydraulic Floor Crane. This lightweight crane can disassemble and fit in a car trunk. It assembles in minutes and has a 1000 lb capacity with 8 ft lift height.
Air Technical Industries takes pride in offering the best solution for the job, even if that means a smaller order for us, it creates a better long-term relationship with our customer. Technology is great, but nothing is more intelligent then simple common sense and experience. Take advantage of 50 years of industry knowledge, bring us YOUR challenge.

V-Master Mobile Hydraulic Floor Cranes

V-Master Portable crane


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Econo-Master Floor Crane

A customer was faced with a challenge to lift a 1500 pound component onto a machine during a scheduled plant shutdown while fitting through an opening only 36” wide. This unit had to be raised so that the bottom would clear 8 ft of height. This maintenance was easily accomplished utilizing the Econo-Master Mobile Hydraulic Floor Crane (EM-6000) from Air Technical Industries. The Econo-Master floor crane is available in capacities up to 6000 pounds and can lift up to 10′-6” high. It is available manually powered, 12 VDC, 110VAC, or air powered depending on customer requirements. The Econo-Master is an inexpensive way to lift heavy capacities and is made in the USA.

Super-Master Mobile Hydraulic Floor Crane

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