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Modified Trunnion Liner Removal Tool

Trunnion liners are necessary to prevent wear on mills, a failure of a trunnion liner can cause serious repairs on the mill. Significant wear can take place due to the constant rotation of the mill and the constant flow of material. The trunnion liners were being removed by use of a forklift with a chain wrapped around the forks, a couple two by fours, and a lot of effort. These trunnion liners need to be changed regularly to prevent significant wear to the mill. Maintenance workers in South Dakota, after an accident related to changing the liners, refused to change out the liners due to not having a safe way to change the liners.

In order to properly maintain the mill equipment and protect the workers from injury, Air Technical industries was approached for a solution. The Reversible Boom Crane with a modified boom was selected as the proper solution to this problem that needed to be solved immediately. The RBC can easily lift the liner and the telescoping action of the boom and the self propelled drive can be used to insert the trunnion liner into the trunnion. To remove a trunnion, the RBC can be similarly utilized. This solution will save time, save money, improve efficiency, improve safety, and prevent damage to milling equipment.

Heavy Duty Reversible Boom Crane

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A Nuclear Power Plant Finds a Solution to their Application with ATI’s RBC-6000-SPBW

They came to me with a rather restricted problem, in hopes of finding a safer, more efficient, and better way to remove the end bell from their heat exchangers. These bells weigh in excess of 3,500 pounds and they need to remove them and place the bells on a cart to move out of the way. All this is done for them to gain access to the heat exchangers for regular maintenance and/or repair.

All this sounds simple enough, but the tricky part was finding a unit to navigate the other obstacles in the area. They have a HVAC vent and a cable track both that needed to be worked around. These intrusions had them looking at a very modified piece of equipment, that could only be used for one reason. However, after working with our engineering department it was determined that one of our standard self-propelled cranes would do the job. Not only would the boom stay under the HVAC vent, they could extend it to lift the bell off the heat exchanger and stay below the cable tracks that are just above.

As in most cases, they will now have a piece of equipment that is both versatile and effective and not application dependent. They can now use their crane in other areas of their plant. Because of this, they will save time, money, and expand their employees ability to perform.

ATI’s Reversible Boom Cranes are designed for reaching over and beyond obstacles to increase efficiency. Ideal for use in confined or barely accessible areas. 1,000 to 50,000 pound capacities and up to 19 feet of lift height. For further information or to find the one that fits your application, you can go to our website or give us a call at 440.951.5191.

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