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RV Hideaway Grill

A customer who was building a custom motor coach home designed a compartment to install a grill on-board that could be hidden and stowed during travel and then pop out when it’s time for a cook out. The outdoor grill is low-profile and stored under the camper on a slide-out tray. However when the tray slides out, it is not at an ergonomic height for the grill master to operate. This is a very unique application for our Mini Scissors Lift Table. We added fold out slide plates to accommodate cooking utensils and condiments. The table can lift up to 250 lbs and starts as slim as 4” collapsed. The hidden compartment is completely concealed when stowed, and then the tray slides out and the small lift table raises into grilling position. See more on this product at

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The Best Equipment for Handling Material

Not the Right Equipment for the Job?

At times a job may seem impossible to get done. However, with the right equipment anything is possible! How can this be, you may ask? Well for big jobs, it is better to go prepared with the right equipment. This makes a task much more efficient.

Looking for Answers

When it comes to a process, it is easier when all your equipment is working effortlessly and at utmost efficiency. This saves time and money and can make way for many other processes. It can make moving loads of any weight, shape and size – effortlessly. Not to mention, affordable, safe, and cost-effective. For a difficult task it can be fully modular as it adds and removes air bearing modules as often as you want to, in other words, it can let any job be possible!

Air Technical Industries, Get The Job Done Right!

For the right equipment to pick up and handle your materials, contact Air Technical Industries. We are experienced professionals who can assist you in any and everything when it comes to handling your material. CALL US TOLL-FREE AT 1-888-857-6265 or visit us online today!
material. CALL US TOLL-FREE AT 1-888-857-6265 or visit us online today!

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