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Custom Upender assists in Enclosure Assembly

A customer who was in the electrical enclosure business had an application where they needed to upend an enclosure coming out of a paint room. There was certain instances when the enclosure need not be upended and just rolled out in it’s current orientation. This was an easy solution for our Zero Low upender with gravity rollers and the modification to have an independent back up plate. The customer also wanted the lowered height of the Zero Low Upender to be 10”. This is why the Zero low style was of great benefit to them. After it exited the upender it needed to be adjusted in height, so we also provided them with a low profile hydraulic scissors lift table with a gravity roller mounted on top. These ergonomic solutions helped them at the final packaging stage of their process and they will greatly benefit from Air Technical’s products.

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Upender Inverter provides solution for Oilfield Industry

A customer in the oil & gas industry was looking for a way to invert their large gear box castings 180 degrees weighing upwards of 10,000 lbs. They wanted to eliminate the use of their overhead crane because of safety reasons & that it may cause damage to their castings. They were also limited to the amount of floor space available. We were able to develop a heavy duty upender inverter using only one feed conveyor. The powered conveyor would not only feed but receive the load once inverted. This system was such a great solution they’ve purchased multiple units thanks to the cost savings benefit in the amount of time they reduced to perform this task.


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