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Weather Resistance on Loading Dock Application

A customer came to me with a requirement for a loading dock. They needed to ensure suitable weather resistance for their outdoor application.

Air Technical Industries has specialized in custom builds for over 50 years.

Customization is often structural, however, it can be functional or reflected in the unique configuration of the final installation.

We worked with this customer to configure our dock lift so that the power pack could be located at a distance from the scissor lift in a protected area. This setup presented cost-savings over upgrading to a NEMA-4 wash-down duty hydraulic power unit. Hydraulic hoses needed to be run through a conduit to the sheltered area. Quick disconnects were used to facilitate this installation.

Since the table itself would be more susceptible to the weather, it was painted with marine grade paint. All-temperature hydraulic oil was supplied for the hydraulic system to withstand colder temperatures. The dock plate was fabricated out of aluminum to be light weight for ergonomic considerations & prevent corrosion.

Collaboration between the customer, ATI and the builder resulted in a successful weather-resistant installation and a very happy customer.

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The Best Equipment for Handling Material

Not the Right Equipment for the Job?

At times a job may seem impossible to get done. However, with the right equipment anything is possible! How can this be, you may ask? Well for big jobs, it is better to go prepared with the right equipment. This makes a task much more efficient.

Looking for Answers

When it comes to a process, it is easier when all your equipment is working effortlessly and at utmost efficiency. This saves time and money and can make way for many other processes. It can make moving loads of any weight, shape and size – effortlessly. Not to mention, affordable, safe, and cost-effective. For a difficult task it can be fully modular as it adds and removes air bearing modules as often as you want to, in other words, it can let any job be possible!

Air Technical Industries, Get The Job Done Right!

For the right equipment to pick up and handle your materials, contact Air Technical Industries. We are experienced professionals who can assist you in any and everything when it comes to handling your material. CALL US TOLL-FREE AT 1-888-857-6265 or visit us online today!
material. CALL US TOLL-FREE AT 1-888-857-6265 or visit us online today!

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Air Technical Industries has Solution for World Trade Center Dilemma

A general contractor in New York doing some work at the WTC figured there had to be a solution to the problem at hand. In the basement where 2 elevator doors open there is a drop off to the floor below. Often equipment and personnel are needed in this area to go to other parts of the building. Having to use the stairs to lug equipment and other products up and down was becoming very cumbersome and potentially dangerous.

They turned to ATI for the solution and as they normally do, ATI had the perfect product for their application. The Zero-Low Dock Lift Table was the answer. This lift table allowed them the ability to transfer virtually whatever they wanted to. Whether that be equipment, products, and/or people. The tricky part in the contractors eyes was the with the limited space available for the second lift table. Again, ATI had the answer. Air Technical Industries does modified and custom work and they were able to perfectly fit the right size unit in the space available.

The Zero-Low Dock Lift Table allows you to work from different elevations for easy raising and lowering of loads. Ground-zero loading without the need for ramps or cumbersome inclines. Easy and convenient to drive on to with a pallet truck, forklift, or roll on loads then lift from one elevation to another. This saves the expense and inconvenience of pit mounting and offers the versatility to be used any place on a solid floor for easy loading and unloading. Capacities range from 4,000 pounds to 50,000 pounds and above. Here is a link for the Zero Low Dock Lift Table for your convenience

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