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Heavy Duty Scissors Lift Table

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“Last year our company expanded our facility to bring aboard a new product line that would require some heavy lifting.  I contacted Air Technical about my company’s needs and from the first phone conversation to the up and running tables, Air Technical supplied outstanding customer service and an outstanding product.  We purchased two 10,000 lift capacity tables and I cannot be more happy with them.  These tables came fully assembled and with a few twist of a wrench, we were up and running in no time.  Because of the ease of operation, these tables have become a life saver to all that use them.  My company, myself and my employees are very satisfied with these lift tables.  Thank you Air Technical for producing a great product and any future needs, we will be using you again.”

- James F. Heavy Duty Scissors Lift Table SLH-104878E (220316) November 2, 2017

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