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Modified Heavy Capacity Scissors Lift

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“We needed to spot a Toshiba XT series electric motor in a narrow gap that is not crane accessible. The motor weighs 7,800 pounds and has to be maneuvered by hand near a concrete pedestal with instrumentation wiring and I-beam struts in the way.
We mounted the lift on a 10,000 pound capacity machine dolly and were able to roll the motor easily into position by hand, and lifted it above the jacking bolts for an easy slide into place. This was by far the safest and fastest way to put these big motors in place.
The lift is smooth and precise, positioning the motor within 1/8″ of the optimum height was simple any of our mechanics can use it.
The fabrication work is very high quality and so far it works flawlessly. The price estimate was about half what I was expecting. If I need anything similar, ATI will get first chance at my business.”

- Scott C Modified Heavy Capacity Scissors Lift SLH-83666E-M (520218) June 13, 2014

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