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The Show Must Go On

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A theater in California was looking for a cost effective way to bring props up to their stage level that was about 10′ above the basement where the lift was installed. Some of the props consist of a grand piano that could weigh upwards of 2,000 pounds. They were limited to the amount of floor space in which they were going to put the lift table. We designed a double scissors hydraulic lift table that was rated for 4,000 lbs in a small footprint. The table was equipped guard rails and safety skirts to protect crew from the scissors mechanisms. The lift would assist them in moving heavy items to the stage level. This prevents anyone from injuring themselves having to carry large, heavy items up the stairs. You wouldn’t normally consider ergonomics a major factor in the performance arts industry, but ATI was able to make it happen!

Intermediate-Capacity Maintenance Lifts

Maintenance Lift

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