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The Tele-Mast Straddle Crane

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International shipping is a must in today’s business world. In order to ship at the lowest price per item manufacturers often utilize CONEX containers (aka ISO or intermodal containers) to ship the maximum amount at a flat price. With over 17,000,000 intermodal containers in the world, most manufacturers deal with these on a regular basis. Small manufacturers often have to contract a rigging operation in order to lift the intermodal container from the ground onto a flatbed truck for shipping. The Telecopic-Mast Straddle Crane is an economic solution that pays for itself in just a few uses, compared to the cost of a third party hoisting operation. The lifting action is hydraulically operated, allowing for a very smooth and cost-effective operation, saving the tremendous expense of a high-capacity hoist.

The Tele-Mast Straddle Crane is available in a economical towable model, and also in a self-propelled model for self-sufficient operation. It is available with a spreader bar that can be outfitted to fit a variety of intermodal containers, and stack them up to two high. Remote control locking is available in order to secure the container to the spreader bar and keep the labor and risk of injuries of workers to a minimum.

The Tele-Mast Straddle Crane makes the job safer, easier, and more efficient.

Tele-Mast Straddle Crane

Tele-Mast Straddle Crane

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  1. Steve Merriam says:

    Would like to visit with someone about lease-purchase of the tele-mast straddle crane.

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