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Winner Winner Chicken Lifter

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A company in the farming industry was looking for a way to safely store their hen cages. The hen cages all together would weight up to 10,000 lbs and need to be stored at a height of 21’6”. This was a great solution for our modified Hi-Lift Double Scissors Lift Table. The table platform is 14 ft long and 7 ft wide. A 4 ft lowered height enabled us to achieve the appropriate mechanical advantage needed to achieve the customer’s height requirements and fit an internal 25HP hydraulic power unit so the entire system could be self-contained. The unit was also equipped with fork pockets to be able to be transported and stored when necessary.

The success of this project is an excellent example of how ATI’s custom engineering and manufacturing capabilities were able to quickly and easily scale up from a smaller lift design to provide a unique solution for a customer at a reasonable cost and lead time.


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