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Zero-Low Saves Hospital from Construction SNAFU

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Hospital builds a new emergency department and turns to Air Technical to solve issue. After concrete was poured and dumbwaiters were installed to transport instruments up and down from the emergency room, they had a 7” rise from the floor to the dumbwaiter to contend with. Originally, the contractor put in a ramp, but it covered too much floor space and prevented access to another area. So, the ramps were torn out.

After meeting with the hospital personnel to discuss a solution, Air Technical Industries suggested their standard Zero-Low lift table with mechanical screw operation. The Zero-Low lift table would allow them to roll their carts on to the lift table, raise up the 7”, and roll the carts into the elevator. Another Zero-Low lift table would be used in the same fashion for when the dirty instruments would come back down from the emergency room. The footprint was considerably shortened from what the ramps covered. The Zero-Low lift tables also made it more ergonomic for the hospital workers who were moving the carts around.

Because the area is considered a clean environment, the Zero-Low lift tables were made out of stainless steel and no hydraulics were used. A mechanical screw was used to drive the Zero-Low lift table up and down.

Air Technical Industries has a standard line of hydraulically operated Zero-Low lift tables and a screw actuated line of the Zero-low lift tables. The screw actuated lifts have up to 4000 pound capacities and the hydraulic units go up to 50,000 pounds. Please use the links provided for more information. Air Technical Industries will also modify a standard piece of equipment to meet customers’ specific needs.

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